Alteration to Dames Ball Gown

Completed September 21, 2016

I was given 2 dresses and 2 sets of measurements and I had to alter both to fit accordingly.

Design & Construction

Motifs and braid had to be taken off and re-applied once the alteration had been made.
I took out as much as I could from the seams first but it still wasn't enough so I added panels in the side seams with enough seam allowance for it to be taken out further if needed. The edges on the inside of the bodice were bound so I did the same due to the amount of sequins on the fabric. The skirt section was lined so there were double the amount of seams that needed taking out here.

There were a large amount of frills on the train of the dress that needed repairing. You couldn't see me by the mass of frills when I was trying to put it under the machine