Dick Whittington Dame Hat

Completed November 17, 2016

Harem hat for Matthew Kelly in Dick Whittington, Wimbledon 2016/2017 for the Moroccan scene. The is character 'Sarah the Cook'.

Designed by John Brooking, and realised by First Family Entertainment.

Design & Construction

Using plasterzote for the base material it will help give this piece durability. I used the pattern and cut out wadding to fit on to each side of the bulb and point shape to create a well fitting soft cover. I then covered it with ice wool to smooth it off.
I sewed the orange and purple fabric on a machine to create neat and strong seams. As the purple sequined fabric is stretchy it allowed me to pull it on.
I used pipe lagging and wadding to fill out the brim of the hat.
I curled the feathers with sisscors.
Made the lining.
I also made the veil detachable on one side for ease to the wearer.