Ellie Goulding – Lighting Truss Headers

Completed January 14, 2016

Made for the Delirium Tour 2016, the lighting truss headers followed Ellie Goulding on her tour around the country.

As part of PDS, we were commissioned to create this to give a softer feel to some of the lighting truss on stage.

Design & Construction

In order to create this, we cut out many triangles of varying size and fabrics that had to fit the angles of the printed template. No triangles were the same size. These were appliqued on to the template. There is wadding between the layers to give it a 3D soft form.

It created an elaborate effect that tied in with the branding of the tour. It was key to ensure that the lighting truss on stage didn't feel out of place on Ellie Goulding's tour.