Festoon Drape

Completed February 13, 2013

Very large vegas velour velvet festoon drape for a cruise ships main stage.

Design & Construction

In our workroom we have a track that we can attach drapes to and fly out to 6.6 meters. It's nearly 10 meters wide and it still wasn't big enough to hang this drape fully. Although the track is still very useful when you're trying to make something this big.

Each seam has a strip of webbing with rings attached in intervals to allow the wire mechanism to feed down through them and lift the drape neatly to reveal the stage.
Each pleat had to be pinned with longer and thicker pins than what we had in stock due to the thickness and weight of this fabric. At any one time we had to fit a width of fabric under the arm of the machine to sew the webbing flat on to the seam. It wasn't the first time we have made a giant festoon drape so we hired in a long armed industrial machine to make the work a little easier.