Lush Cosmetics Event

Completed September 2, 2015

I assisted Presentation Design Services with constructing various items and dressing the event for all Lush Cosmetics employees from around the world to view their new seasons products. The event had seminars and activities during the day in various rooms and then we had a quick turn around in one of the rooms for the live music and entertainment on the evening.

I also was part of the get out team once the event had finished.

Design & Construction

As part of the team I made a load of giant hot air balloons to be hung in the main room, collected a van full of old bike wheels to be made in to hanging structure, constructed a drift wood Christmas tree, made a Santa's grotto type room out of drapes and dressed the outside with wooden apple crates, draped off around the focal points (screens, stages) in the other rooms. Also made custom drapes for around the fountain that the guests used to play with the new products in. And customised comfy seating areas on the evening by attaching velcro to our stock voile drapes and hanging them from a metal circle suspended in the air.