Completed June 2, 2015

Mascot head for Midlands Metal Heads.

Midlands Metal Heads are a music promotion company based in the Midlands. They are always at any big rock festival/event giving out business cards and interviewing band members which is aired on their radio shows. Each night of the week one of their many DJs have a few hours of Air time to promote local bands or even well-established bands. They put on many gigs and events throughout the year and are always trying to recruit more people to their ever growing team.

I was asked to make a mascot head of their Minotaur logo that can be worn at their events or festivals they attend to help catch peoples eye and make them stand out.

Design & Construction

The structure and details are all solely made from plasterzote. Plasterzote is a very durably, light weight and high density foam. Glued with a contact adhesive which makes it super strong. Then covered with fur that I trimmed and painted.
As the budget was very low I used fur that I already had. It was as long as the mane all over and I trimmed it back. In some light it is more orange than I would have liked. I did paint on to it to darken the eyes, give more detail and dull down the shorter fur.
The last thing I did to ensure a comfortable fit was to put a weight under the mane at the back to counter balance the snout.