Queen Rat

Completed November 12, 2014

I assisted on applying detail to the main part of the costume. This included skulls, buttons and braid.
I painted the nude Lycra of the rats tail to give it depth and make it look more realistic.
Created and applied the detail on the front of her knee high boots.

Design & Construction

I replicated the pattern and lay out of motifs from previously made boots for the old version of Queen Rat. New boots for a new costume.
I lover-locked the edge of the red fabric to prevent fraying. The finish looks fine but was tricky to get around all the bends so if I was doing it again I'd probably use a close but long zig-zag stitch on the sewing machine. I machined on the gold motifs but hand stitched the brown roundels on. Using a leather needle it attached them to the front of the boots.

At times I thought the rats tail looked too stripey but being on stage the lights can bleach and drowned out colours so I thought it was best to keep a high contrast.

The skulls on the coat were sculpted out of clay and a mould was taken from it. We then had a mould to make a as many skulls as we required. I painted them and put hot stones on to add a bit of sparkle.