Santa’s Grotto Charity Decorations

Completed December 1, 2014

Oversized candy canes (1m/1.5m tall) and crackers made from recycled inner cardboard tubes from used fabric rolls.

Design & Construction

To make the candy canes I untwisted the cardboard tube slightly to get it to bend over. I then taped it in position, wrapped them in blue cleaning paper to cover any holes and give it a slight texture. I then completely covered them in making tape ready to be sprayed. I used white masking tape to add the white stripe.

The crackers are cardboard tubes sawn to size. Paper attached to each end and cut to shape. Once sprayed I then added more paper to add detail to the center and keeping in theme with the red and white.

I only had an afternoon available to do this so I did what I could in that time.
It would have been nice to have made the full Santa's grotto.