Wedding Cake Toppers

Completed September 1, 2014

I was asked to make personalised miniature models of the bride and groom with their dogs to sit on top of their centre piece at their wedding.
Also a couple who are involved in the Scouts wanted their cake toppers to have them in their scout uniforms.

Design & Construction

I choose to decorate plain wooden pegs dolls as it gave me a nice tidy starting point. Milliput was used to create his hat, tiny buttons, her hair and the dogs. I used tracing paper to create the pleating on her dress as well as the collar and pocket detail on his Military jacket. I tried using normal paper but it was too thick.

I used the smallest beads I could find for the hair piece and droplet on her necklace.
Once painted and a snippet of net curtain for the veil I was pleased with the simple but cute and tidy miniature models.