Butlins Costumes

Completed March 9, 2016

Butlins Entertainment
Sister Sledge costumes - 5 dancers/singers. 3 different styles of sequin dress and red lycra leotards for all.
Disco costumes- 5 female and 4 male

Each individual dancer/singer needed a duplicate of 3 for every component of each costume. This was to ensure they could keep a costume in each of their 3 venues perminatly.
In total there were 42 full costumes to be made with limited time so me and costume maker Jo Allen did it together.

Design & Construction

I never got any final photos annoyingly. The red sequined dress pictured above and the other style of red dress had tassels on the bottom of each point. It also had a belt around the waist.

We had a wrap dress pattern that we used and altered for the red dresses. They had elasticated waists and wrists. The one armed dresses also had elastic around the opening to keep it close to the body.
I enjoyed making the leotards with elastic around the leg holes and around the top. I only stretch the elastic across the bum and across the back to help give a nice smooth finish across the front. Halterneck straps were attached.

The 'disco' style catsuits were made out of a thin stretchy velour with silver sequin detail. Each design was differnt so some we drafted patterns and some we figured the pattern out on a mannequin.

The male dancers had white lycra vests and trouser and a blue jacket with silver detail. The white lycra on the vests had to be doubled up to ensure they are not translucent.