Set and Painting, Cosmos

Completed March 1, 2009

Third year university project in connection with Dragon Breath Theatre Company.
Waverley Studio Theatre, Nottingham
Curve, Leicester

Head of scenic constructing and painting

Cosmos was aimed at children aged between 4 and 7. It took them on a journey to explore the facts and myths of the cosmos. These facts and myths were shared through human stories, play, image, movement and sound. It was a multi sensory experience and I helped create this experience by constructing and painting the setting in which the story of the Cosmos took place.

Design & Construction

Scenic painting of the dance floor in both sections. The cold looking swirl with rollers on poles and the warm terra firma which we used a ragging technique and slowly introduced darker colours as we worked our way outwards. Varnished for protection.

The university had bought a metal bending machine for this production so this is how we created all the curves. We chalked the design out on the studio floor which we could then lay our metal on to see how much more it needed curving and what length to cut it. I helped cut, grind and weld the set. It is a touring show so the larger walls were constructed in sections that bolted together to fit through the doors and onto a vehicle.
All metal was painted with gold Hammerite.

Fabric panels were cut and eyeletted. Then to be laced on the the frame by gold braid.